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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chance of Rain during my run 60% - Better Make it 100%

Happy Thanksgiving.

I set out on my 10K run this morning, thinking of my Mom, Sandy. Today's run is in honor of her. She has been a great devoted mother to me, and she has fought off liver cancer twice. I remember that day in the hospital in Thomasville, when the doctor came in and said, "It's Cancer" Truly one of the worst days in my life, but we and she got through it, twice. So, I thought of her often as this run progressed. Today was not easy; it started pouring down rain, I broke down and had to walk some, and it was really hard to start back up each time and try to finish, if not strong, then just OK.

I feel pretty good now, and I'm about to go to Dublin to spend Thanksgiving with both sides of my family. And I'm going to give my Mom a bear hug when I see her.

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