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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I Feel It All

Here's the newest video by Feist... courtesy of Stereogum

We listened to two of her songs in Yoga on Sunday... "1234" in particular just makes me want to move.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joey Lawrence's Catchphrase?

Whoa!!! I'm in running nerd heaven... As you may or may not know, I'm running my first marathon in April. I've been training with the TEAM off and on, and running on my own for quite a while.

The coolest thing so far in all my running has been my Nike + system for the ipod Nano. It truly is the reason that I'm where I'm at today in my running. You plug a little sensor into the bottom of your Nano; it talks to a shoe sensor; while you run, the Nano gives you feedback through your headphones. When you are done you get a summary of all kinds of data, plus when you sync to itunes all of your data is uploaded to Nike's website... and if you did really well either Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe tells you that you ran further or faster than you ever did. Simply amazing, esp. for $29.99. The motivation that it has given me is priceless.

the Nike website is Applerific

The problem with the ipod is that it is a little inaccurate, which if you aren't running very far doesn't really matter. But when you have to run 14.5 miles to get it to think that you ran 13.1 it's a different story. So the interface (pictured above) is incredible. The grape Apple Kool-aid is my fav. But my training log, pace per mile, all that stuff is getting to be more and more important.

So, I bought the latest and greatest thing EVER!!! The Garmin 305, wrist mounted GPS unit. It slices, it dices, it juliennes. It's a little Dick Tracyish, but I don't care. It tracks elevation, distance, heartrate, time, pace... AHHHH!!! Information. Overloading. System.

Look at these graphs...

and that's not all... are you ready... GOOGLE MAPS!!! Of your run...
but wait... It get's cooler... WATCH THE RUN ON THE MAP!! Surely, you can't be serious?!? I am serious, and don't call me Shirely." Here's the link for that.

So, look for emails and what not from me, whenever the run is particularly cool.

And look at this one more thing... It's a picture of our Honored Hero, Olivia Cheek. The gadgets and fun aside; all this running is for Olivia and all the other kids and adults struggling with Leukemia and Lymphoma.
She is a happy and healthy 4 year little girl... who, thankfully, is cancer free now. But her health didn't come without a struggle. TEAM in Training, who I'm working with, helps raise money for research and to help families like Olivia's fight against cancer. If you want to help, please donate to the cause. Your support really does make a difference.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The New-Wave Re-Revolution Continues

Check out this Aussie band... They are called "Cut Copy" and this single, "Lights & Music" is from their album that is about to be released. After just seeing the movie "Control" about Ian Curtis, the lead singer for "Joy Division", I'm really liking this sound. Synthy but with real instruments in that basic structure.

I saw this clip on Stereogum. Sometimes it's too indie for me, but I love finding new things that I really like.

p.s. - the actors in "Control" learned how to play all the songs and all the live music in the movie is them performing... pretty dang cool

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Papa's got a brand new Camera

ATHENS, GA - 1/22/2008

I just took my first few pictures with my new digital camera. I've been dying to get a digital SLR forever; so I broke down, took the plunge, and got a Canon Rebel XT from Amazon. Four days of misshipments and a trip to the UPS station at 8:45 tonight and it is mine... mine... allll miiiinnnnneee!! cue dah-dah-dannnhh!!! from "Young Frankenstein" and or "Dramatic Hamster" if you're all hip with the kids.

I love photography, esp. macro and low light shots, so check back often and critique away. Go ahead, I can take it. There now, don't you feel better; making fun of me and my pitiful sophomoric efforts.

Oh yeah, and I'm starting back the running program big time. I slacked off over the holidays. I've only been running a couple of times a week at best, nothing further than 6 miles at a click. April 26th and 26.2 miles in Nashville are going to be here before I know it - - so I'm on it.

If you want to support my running and my cause, please donate. Here's the link. Team in Training is the best thing going to fight blood cancers, and it's helped me so much already. So help if you are able.

Thanks and Have a Great '08 - I know I'm planning on it.

"B+W Bella"

"House on Haunted Hill Bella"

"Macro Bricks"

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Up at 2:10 AM

Some people who know me really well probably think this is obvious... but I have ADHD like crazy. I've been off and on with the prescription droogs for it over the past few years. I've also tried omega 3's, meditating, B-vitamins, not sweating it so much, etc... One of my best friends works for a pharma company, and got me to try Strattera. Which rocks at helping. A powerful neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitor has side effects though. Some are awesome, like appetite suppression. And it has some side effects which I'm not too groovy on, like, oh, I don't know, INSOMNIA.

The bad thing is that I love the rush of having ADHD. It feels like I'm brainstorming all the time. Creativity is as the max. When I run or drive I have the best ideas about all kinds of things I want to get done or tell people about...

But then I don't get anything accomplished. Brainstorming sessions need to be edited. Some of the wonderful ideas aren't. They need to be lined through on the big easel notepad that's in the front of the meeting room OF MY MIND. Also, social and work interactions can suffer a bit. Being a manic street preacher who dominates every conversation he's in does have some downsides.

I've never experienced trouble sleeping. Only when I'm super stressed about a specific issue, usually something I've procrastinated about and need to take a distastefully confrontational action on, have I had trouble. Usually it's head on the pillow and lights out in 30 sec. Not so tonight. I finally got around / didn't get distracted by something and got my Strattera refilled today. I wanted to go ahead and get some in my bloodstream, so I took one early evening with dinner. Bingo!! Insomnia tonight. And I know Will is going to come into my bedroom around 5am, like he usually does, and hop into my, admitted very cozy, bed to "sleep wit you, Daddy" So, I've been doing the look at the clock and calculate how much sleep I'm going to get tonight math. OK. If I fall asleep RIGHT NOW, I'll get 5 hours. If I fall asleep RIGHT NOW, I'll get 4 hours and 57 minutes. If I fall asleep RIGHT NOW, I'll get 3 hours and 34 minutes.

I don't like calling people at 1:34am or texting them, because even if they are up... Cell phone buzzing at this time of the night means booty call and/or EMERGENCY. Neither of which applies. Not that the former would be so bad, but anyway.... So, I thought I'd try a little blogging. And then a little corn flake, high glycemic index, carb coma treatment.

Good Night. Sleep Tight. Don't take a pseudo Class II stimulant a few hours before bed.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

So, my left knee started bugging me a little over half way. It's OK. I feel fine now. We'll see how it feels in the morning.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MOVE Your Feet

This makes me happy... so happy. How do foreign bands figure out the "American" sound so well some times?

This comes from A great blog about music.

More running and music and photo blogging to come... I feel a prolific weekend coming on

If I forgot to call/email/comment Happy New Year - It's not too late, we've got a whole year to hang out... Make '08 Great! or '08 is Great! take your pick