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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Will - 20 Months

The best thing about Will right now is seeing his sense of humor develop. He'll do something then give that little sly look to make sure you're watching and give approval. He definitely knows when he's being cute. He also has that sweet quality of a baby still. For example, right before we go to bed, he says, "Nite Nite" He says it to me, and as we go towards the bedroom, blanket and milk in hand he says, "Nite Nite" to Henry until Henry says, "Good Night, Baby" or "Nite Nite" back to him. And he still lets me hold him for just a minute or two in the rocker while he sips his milk. Then, very un-babylike, he tries to get up and gestures towards the bed. Ready to make his own way into sleep. I'm really going to miss that minute or two soon, but I'm still holding on as long as I can.