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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

In Depth Political Film Analysis

I was going to do this whole post about how the movie "Idiocracy" is becoming truer and truer, but instead I want you to watch one of the funniest SNL skits I've ever seen.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Evan Dando... Needs a Sandwich.

I went to see "The Lemonheads" last Saturday. They played at the fabulous 40 Watt, here in Athens. I got pseudo-put on the guest list, and was able to go for free along with one of the best Plus One's I could have picked to go. We had a blast, stayed sober, people watched, sang, etc.

Oh, how was the show? Was Evan Dando still a "hottie"? Not that great and No! One girl that we were talking to was like, "Of course, I'd still do him!" but he seemed really incoherent and strung out. He only played for 45 min or so, with some lame excuse that he "didn't really like long shows" I think he felt like these photos look. People were into it, cheering, singing along, and everything, but several songs just fell apart, he did all kinds of crazy psychedelic guitar solo feedback stuff (which may have sounded awesome to him) and then just took off. No encore, nothing. We looked over and the bassist, who looked just like Jack White, was talking to some people and putting his jacket on. Oh, well; show's over folks. If I had paid $30 for both of us to attend, I would have been upset. But it really was a great evening overall, and he was pretty entertaining when he was playing. He did "Drug Buddy", "The Outdoor Type" and a few other hits, but no "Shame About Ray", no "Mrs. Robinson", no "Stove".

It was interesting to see a guy do what he truly wanted to do though. He was performing for the music sake and for himself. If himself had been a little more sober/clean it may have been better for everyone, but the show did have some flashes of inspiration and emotion that were enjoyable.

Here's a little bit of the show: (quality=poor but I think you'll get the idea)