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Monday, October 29, 2007

Someone actually writes these... Spam Poetry

Hi, what’s up at work? The answer is quite clear. You’re weary, man, I can tell! But take your time, you’re not the only one. Do you know that it grew up to a disaster, it’s being counted by millions already. Why? What would you expect with a life tempo like that? YOU ARE TO EARN THE MONEY. It’s all your headache. Of course you tired.
Add here, ecology, food and others. To sum it up? You prefer to conk out instead of making love. Your battery is simply dead . No wonder no one is by your side any more, your girlfriend is on her way to pack up her stuff and bog off.
But what would you say if I tell you that. I can provide assistance. You can manage that, feel renewed, feel you CRAVE and YOU FITTED. And WE’LL GIVE YOU A LIFT. And I’ll bet it works.
I’m sure you know what’s what.
You think that it’s costly.
Then I’ve got something pleasant to tell ya! Check out the prices, hot deals now!

Viagra- $153

Tempting ha?! It’s real, there’s just no need to overpay for the license which drugs stores simply do have to pay for the right to sell it out.
Be strait up, buy strait ahead.
And have a nice one!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Why is it a picture of a girl??

I'm a Balanced Yogi!

A Balanced Yogi

You love your friends unconditionally and accept them for who they are no
matter what their yoga style preference, religious beliefs, or spending habits.
You focus on the good in people and would never try to change them. Almost
everyone feels comfortable in your presence. You live your yoga. You are an
inspiration to yoga students everywhere!

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Monday, October 01, 2007

If This Doesn't Affect and Effect You ...

This is one of the most inspirational and impressive things I've seen lately...