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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Papa's got a brand new Camera

ATHENS, GA - 1/22/2008

I just took my first few pictures with my new digital camera. I've been dying to get a digital SLR forever; so I broke down, took the plunge, and got a Canon Rebel XT from Amazon. Four days of misshipments and a trip to the UPS station at 8:45 tonight and it is mine... mine... allll miiiinnnnneee!! cue dah-dah-dannnhh!!! from "Young Frankenstein" and or "Dramatic Hamster" if you're all hip with the kids.

I love photography, esp. macro and low light shots, so check back often and critique away. Go ahead, I can take it. There now, don't you feel better; making fun of me and my pitiful sophomoric efforts.

Oh yeah, and I'm starting back the running program big time. I slacked off over the holidays. I've only been running a couple of times a week at best, nothing further than 6 miles at a click. April 26th and 26.2 miles in Nashville are going to be here before I know it - - so I'm on it.

If you want to support my running and my cause, please donate. Here's the link. Team in Training is the best thing going to fight blood cancers, and it's helped me so much already. So help if you are able.

Thanks and Have a Great '08 - I know I'm planning on it.

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