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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Cause, the cause, the cause

We had a TEAM meeting tonight; we discussed proper footwear, which, since I am a tireless internet researcher, I already have. And we also discussed fundraising. Tons of cool ideas to help me reach my goal. I'm going to implement some of them over the next few months, so if you get multiple emails from me begging you to - SERIOUSLY, COULD YOU AT LEAST GO ONLINE AND GIVE ME A DOLLAR OR SOMETHING!!! just go about your business and delete them with all the other junk you get. Or you could check out my TEAM website, donate some cash, help some people struggling with a terrible disease, you get the idea.

I have gotten lots of support already from random people that I wouldn't expect, and I do appreciate it.

Tonight's run was on the treadmill again, 5 miles. And I did it in honor of our TEAM's honored hero, Oliva Cheek. Much more on her later.

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