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Monday, July 03, 2006

They're Here

I was walking Magatha last night, and I went past my neighbor's house. The obligatory "How's it going??" exchange started, but he did throw in something interesting. He and his son's spotted not one, but two ARMADILLO'S in ATHENS. Yes, it's true, and they were alive to boot. The armadillo is an interesting creature, but most people, including me, don't know much about them. Check out this story from my least favorite news service to learn more. Lauren just asked me the other day if they were only in Texas because one of her girlfriends said she saw one by the road in rural South Carolina. I knew they were on the move, and know that some people here in GA call them "possum on the halfshell" but that's about it, but I didn't know how far up they were. They are very cool little critters.

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