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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The British Isles Rule

I'm not sure how, but my entire CD changer in the car is either British, Scottish, or Irish. And it's all I want to listen to: when I'm contemplative, when I want to get pumped up, when I want rap, when I want to rock out.

Franz Ferdinand (Henry loves Do You Wanna?), Mike Skinner, The Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party (currently in heavy rotation) Lady Sovereign, Lily Allen, Oasis, Snow Patrol... I'm starting my own British Invasion.

Also check out my Flickr page. I am uploading tons of pictures every day, then organizing them into groups. It's one step in my PaynePlace web domination scheme. I at least want to rule the google search page for payneplace.

PS - 7/13 - I just learned that the Lost Prophets, who I thought were an ATL band, are British...

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