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Friday, March 07, 2008

You know you are a TNT distance athlete if...

  • You forget the dates of birthdays and anniversaries, but never the date of your first race.
  • You have to make a serious effort to talk about something else other than training with your non-active friends.
  • The back of your car looks like a locker room.
  • You smirk on the inside when a non-endurance athlete asks how many miles are in a marathon or half marathon.
  • The art in your house is the free Nike posters that you get from the local sports store.
  • Your family groans as once again they find themselves in the car measuring how far you trained this morning.
  • Your dog hides when you get the leash.
  • Olive Garden is where you hang out.
  • You are constantly washing training clothes, but you have to go through the pile of clothes on the floor to find something to go to work in.
  • Your weekly training mileage is higher than your weekly driving mileage.
  • You own your car but make payments on your bike.
  • You can only get major projects done at home during taper weeks.
  • You have a $4000 bike strapped to your $2000 car.
  • You have trouble keeping lunch under 2000 calories.
  • You think nothing of walking into public places dressed in tights like a super hero.

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