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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

14 Miler

Hey Guess What,

I didn’t die last night... actually the run went pretty OK. The constant pain in my left knee after a few miles made me stop and walk enough that I didn’t really get too exhausted-ed. I did get scared twice though, (A) almost got run over in the Supermercado parking lot, and (2) I’m pretty sure some vampires and/or serial killers were watching me from the trees right before Old Jefferson Rd and Walker intersected. But that could have been the ibuprofen talking, not really sure. I’m serious, that stretch of road is like the scene in the movie where the terrorists/government assassins (depends on how you look at it) are stalking the President’s brother, and he runs out of sight behind some trees, but the camera keeps going, and then he doesn’t come out of the other side. And then Clint Eastwood and Tim Roth are watching the videotape, and they’re like... "Let's Roll"

So anyway, I did 14 miles in 2 hours and 34 minutes... I’m pretty stoked about that. If you are impressed by that, or really, anything else about me, or really hate cancer and what it does to people... Please Donate, Donate like the wind... Prove to me you’re a good person. Prove it to yourself... you big ol’ softie you.

I’m kidding. I know you’re a good person. Even if you’re cheap.

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