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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Old Music Tuesday

I listened to another "upcoming artist" that sounded just like everybody else on 99x and was in the middle of being promised the new single from My Chemical Romance that, in the DJ's words, "Everybody seems to love". I love the sarcastic power pop corporate DJ's. How they know they've sold out, but still have to sit there and make believe they are above it all. And speaking of that, I wonder if Axel is secretly relieved to be back on afternoon drive time instead of doing the whole morning radio thing. Well, I didn't want to sit through some commercials just to hear the Romance boys, which I do kind of like, at least they are better than Panic At The Disco. Whew, talked about affected.
So, I switched to 96.1, and marveled at some original Brit-pop, Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler's guitar is just amazing, so mellow and laid back, but complex. And you can just hear the swagger in his voice. Good times. Good times indeed.

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