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Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's a Bloc Party

It's 2:00am; I just got in from a comedy concert. And on the way home I realized that Bloc Party has been my mainstay since this whole crazy adventure got started way back in early March. If I was feeling boisterous and racuous or quiet and introspective, the boys of Bloc Party have been there for me. Whether to cheer me me on or to buoy me up, Silent Alarm has not left my CD player in the car for a moment. From Athens to South FLA to New Orleans and back, those boys have been there. Henry and Will love them. Henry requests, "Can we listen to Bloc Party, Daddy, the first song? Can we listen to it again?" And I'm like, "Of course we can. Of course" Will jams out and hams out in the backseat as the music lifts us up once again.

So, in short, Hooray for Bloc Party. Whatever the political climate, we'll vote for you.

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