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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Feelin' Good

The Peachtree Road Race is on Friday. It's only a 10k, but I want to do well, and try to continually improve my time. So, I did the tough hill workout that is conveniently located by office on Cleveland Rd yesterday.

Today I got up and ran with a new running buddy. It's one of the first times someone has actually looked to me for real advice. I hope my advice and encouragement work and are taken well. I love running so much, and want to share it with everybody. But I worry that I'm a little over the top sometimes. Who, me?? Over the top, really?? Really.

The weather was perfect this morning, I didn't have a late night last night. And an old woman slowed down in her car when we were on a side street and starting saying, "Looking good. Nice form" It was kind of unexpected but we both laughed and thought it was pretty funny.

End result is that today was an excellent day from start to finish. Feelin' Good.

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